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Mulan "Oath" :30

I worked on the Mulan campaign for most of 2019, editing 7 versions of a trailer and many tv spots, two of which were in finishing when COVID-19 changed all of our plans.

One spot, a :30 promoting Mulan's IMAX release, was shelved, as Mulan will not be presented in IMAX.


The other is the action-packed, rhythmic piece I'm proud to present to you now: "Oath".

Taking inspiration from Mulan's "Oath of the Warrior", to be loyal, brave, and true, I used the Chinese characters for these words as interstitial cards, and as mattes. I created the graphics in AfterEffects, using the layered textures from Disney's Mulan title treatment. 

Fun fact - My early edit incorporated so many premium sound effects, the cost to license them could have been the down payment on an LA house. I learned my lesson. Laughing off office taunts of "Hey, big spender!" I simplified my mix to sound just as bombastic with a lighter price tag.



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